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Roulette Master casino

But this review is devoted to a gambling game of another genre, developed by the specialists of this company. We will talk about remarkable in all respects European roulette, which has an incredible functionality. Perhaps it offers the greatest number of interface options of all the models that we have met at online casinos. However, let’s deal with all the features of the game in order.

Play online Roulette Master

Roulette Master is an online roulette game with traditional European rules. They are discussed in detail in a special article on our website. Your goal is to guess the number at which the ball stops, running a virtual dealer and before the end of the spin to make one or more bets. They are taken in a wide range. For example, one number can bet from five cents to two hundred and fifty dollars, and on equal chances can be put from one dollar to one thousand.

In “Master Roulette” all bets are accepted, which are usually valid in the classic version. You can bet on one, two, three, four, and six numbers. Bets on columns, dozens and even odds are also accepted: red/black, big/small numbers, even/odd. Additionally, you can bet on red and black splits, neighbors, series, finals, and so on (read about them in the rules, too).

How to play Roulette Master? (Interface)

Although the game is fully russified (except for the names of the bets), we’ll talk about its interface quite a lot, because it’s worth it. The main part of the screen is a three-dimensional image of the roulette wheel. It is constantly rotating. The animation is very realistic. Below is an image of the field with betting boxes. The track for betting on sectors and neighbors must be opened separately. It appears between the main field and the drum. It can be made semi-transparent or activated automatically when rotating the wheel.

Roulette Master

On the left side there is a vertical scoreboard, on which the last winning numbers appear. At the bottom of the screen there is a function panel with various buttons. On it you can also see chips with a face value of one cent to two dollars. They are used for betting. There are buttons for starting the reel, autoplay mode, repeating the amount from the previous round, doubling it and clearing the table of chips.

On the right is a vertical bar with additional buttons that open different windows:

  • Min Max – payout range for bets with payout ratios;
  • Asterisk – window for selecting additional bets (finals and others);
  • Thermometer – inclusion of the so-called “heating window” (control of the frequency of numbers falling out in the series);
  • Graph – view statistical data on different parameters;
  • Flame – displaying the four numbers that fell out most often;
  • Snowflake – displays the four numbers that fell out most often;
  • Key – displaying user options (graphics quality, sound settings, dealer’s voice selection, game speed and design theme);
  • Question mark – view the help section with detailed information about the model.

Data on the bet, balance and winnings can be seen at the top of the screen. There is no need to download roulette. Open the game in the flash version directly on the site.

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