Double Ball Roulette by Felt Gaming

Double Ball Roulette

Roulette with two balls and a fixed jackpot first appeared at the popular Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas in 2014. It is an original variation of the game with several unique features that are not in the traditional rules. The model, which is considered in our review, is its online version, developed by the specialists of Felt Gaming.

Play online Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette is a free online casino roulette game that uses two balls. They launch one after the other in each spin. It is a variation with European rules, characterized by one zero and a special arrangement of numbers from 1 to 36 on the wheel. The game accepts internal and external bets, which are discussed in more detail below. A number is accepted from ten cents.

The maximum inside bet is fifty credits, and the outside bet limit is limited to one thousand credits. Bets on a double ball hit range from ten cents to ten credits. Up to one credit is accepted on the jackpot.

Double Ball Roulette casino

Since two balls doubles the probability of winning, the payout odds in Double Ball Roulette are reduced compared to the classic ones:

  • Straight Up – 17:1
  • Split – 8:1
  • Corner – 3:1
  • Straight – 5:1
  • Sixline – 2:1

The two balls in each spin also make special outside bets:

  • Black and Red numbers are 1:1
  • Black or Red numbers – 3:1
  • Large or small numbers – 3:1
  • Even or odd numbers – 3:1
  • Two numbers in one column – 8:1
  • Two numbers in a dozen – 8:1
  • Two balls in any one number – 35:1
  • Two balls in a specified number – 1200:1

Bets on hitting two balls in the same number are taken on a special track. In addition, in Double Ball Roulette bets are accepted on the track. It is about neighbors and sectors. If you don’t know what is meant, read the article with the general rules of the roulette game.

How do I play Double Ball Roulette? (Interface)

The game has several screens. Three of them show different types of betting fields at once: internal, external, by neighborhood and sector, as well as on a double ball hit. When the ball is launched, you can see the roulette wheel with the fields on the right and left. There is also an information splash screen with general betting data and several pages of help section.

In the interface there are a lot of inscriptions in English. Let’s explain the meaning of the most important terms:

  • Neighbours – track for betting on neighbors and sectors
  • 1200 – 1 Jackpot – a track for jackpot betting
  • Wheel – to open roulette wheel
  • Undo – cancel last action
  • Clear – clear the field
  • Bet – open the field for internal and external bets
  • Spin – start a spin
  • Shoot – start the second ball

Double arrow on the left opens the help section. There is a payout table, an explanation of the rules and a settings dialog box. The game is presented in Flash version, so there is no need to download roulette.


The rules of the game in Double Ball Roulette may seem complicated, but, in fact, you can figure them out in a couple of minutes of testing in free mode. You just need to understand how to take bets on two balls in one number, as well as get used to the unusual payout calculation odds.

In addition, you need to get used to the original interface of the model with its multiple screens, additional panels, a detailed help section and other features. Information about the level of return of this roulette for different types of bets we’ll try to provide later. At the same time we will give strategy recommendations.

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